SUNDAY: Manchester to Edinburgh


Breakfast will be delivered to your room around 7am. You will also receive a take away breakfast sandwich from reception when you leave. When you check in you can let them know which sandwich you prefer out of the options they have.

10am – All Modballers to leave the NCP car park and head for our regroup location at Rivington Services.

11.30am – Once we’ve all fuelled up we will leave together for the National Trust Wray Castle and aim to be there at 1pm.

Once you park at Wray Castle feel free to stretch your legs and get a coffee before we embark on our drive up to Edinburgh.


1.30pm – All Modballers leave Wray Castle (orderly fashion of course) together and drive up to Edinburgh taking in some beautiful scenery. This is a gorgeous drive and will be a great end to our driving this weekend!

5pm – Modballers will arrive and park at the Old Royal High School at New Parliament House Car Park. When you arrive there will be Balmoral Hotel staff there to welcome you and show you where to park, they will also direct you to the hotel if needed… there’s also a link below direct to the hotel but if you do somehow get lost then Rosie will come and find you! Please don’t get lost! 🙂 The cars will have overnight security until 12pm the following day.




When you arrive please check in and head to your rooms to get ready for the black tie dinner. That means wash, put on your dashing attire and slide down the stairs ready for an incredible meal.

7pm – Midnight – Black Tie dinner in the Brasserie Prince Room inside the Balmoral.
In your room you will see a letter giving you your time of arrival for dinner. Due to Covid the arrival of everyone is staggered so it may seem this is organised in a weird way and it is, you’d be right to think that! But fear not… we will all be having dinner together!
(All food is included at dinner, alcohol is not included).

Please look extra sexy tonight as our living legend photographer Fly will be on hand to get some incredible photos of everyone… men looking like James Bond and the ladies looking like movie stars!



This is the part where we all have to go back to that weird world we left behind for the weekend… where it’s difficult to have fun without wearing a mask! To ease us back into it we will all have a great breakfast together in the Brasserie Prince room before we get back into out cars and head back to Covidland.

Rest assured Modball will be back and next time it will be all guns blazing, even bazookas blazing!

We will all wish each other the best and look forward to the next time we meet!

Please collect your car before 12pm and leave in an orderly fashion… until next time!