Painting Pixels

Painting Pixels is a premium multimedia design studio based in the leafy town of Ipswich. They have many years of production experience and service the high-end market, producing bespoke multi-disciplinary products.

This company specialise in combining a vast array of skill, knowledge and creativity from their highly talented team of 2d and 3d artists, graphic designers and also their web and smartphone developers to bring you a truly comprehensive and integrated digital marketing service. 

Painting Pixels have worked on many different types of projects with clients from all around the world delivering the highest quality productions without the hassle, as they ‘project manage’ every production for you.   

As a multimedia media design studio; there is no idea that they cannot help realise in the digital realm. Their work is diverse and has included the creation of fantastic and lovable 3D characters, entertaining TV adverts and video productions, 3D prototyping of new products, explainer videos and animations for complex and technical processes, graphic development of distinctive brands and also programming highly functional websites and apps.

Their creative and technical knowledge can be applied to all industries and sectors looking to promote, educate and entertain.

Give them a call on 01473 857860 for your free consultation and to get your production started.