As part of the Modball entry your team receive a full sticker set a month before the rally. Please ensure the Modball Team have your full postal address for the stickers. If you have changed your address please email your new address to

When you receive your sticker pack check back to this page as we will upload the final layout.

Stickers include:
– 1 large Modball EUROPE logo for your bonnet. This is for the centre, not on an angle.
– 1 small number.
– Official sponsor stickers – TBC but they will appear in the style of this image.
Sides of Cars:
– 2 Large numbers, one for each side of your car
– 2 Large Modball Rally Circles, these tilt slightly clockwise (imagine turning your steering wheel to the right).
– 2 large MODBALL rear quarter pane stickers, one for each side with have matt black backgrounds, the matt black background sticker goes on first then the white sticker is placed on top.
Back of Car:
– 2 small Modball stickers for each corner 12 INCH. You will also have 2 for the front two corners.
– 1 Large Modball sticker with 1 matt black background for the centre. Place the matt black background on the car first then place the white sticker on top.
– 1 Modball sticker for your sunstrip – 32 INCH.

If you would like the logos we can send you the PDF files. Send an email to and we will send them to you.

Here is our current layout: