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The Modball Club is a network of entrepreneurs and business owners who have a passion for cars. Since launch the Modball Club has become an automotive lifestyle membership for individuals in business who not only enjoy using their cars but also benefit from networking with successful entrepreneurs.

Members gain full access to our Modball Club network allowing them the opportunity to engage with other business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.

The Club gives members access to private curated events throughout the year to build their network. All events will be hosted by Tom Exton TGE and Jon the Founder of Modball. There are five networking events per year, some are free and some are at an extra cost depending on the type of event i.e. dinners, drive days. There are two additional events in the year giving members the chance to invite a guest, a charity ball for members and the Modball USA, a long weekend rally from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in October.

We offer one membership and this is application only. To apply you must be a Director of your own business or have a proven successful entrepreneurial background. Your company can be any size, from start up to extremely established, we accept a variety of different entrepreneurs. Membership is limited, if you are not offered a membership right away this does not mean you have not been successful, it just means your application will be reviewed at the next membership meeting.

Membership cost £900 per annum and begins the month you are accepted. To apply please fill out the membership form below.

Please note payment will not be taken unless your application is successful.

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