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Europe 2018

The 2018 Modball Rally incorporated Modballers from over 25 countries embarking on a 7-day journey together across Europe with thousands of spectators making it out to see the cars as they passed through each city. This year had to be our biggest ever finish line with in excess of 10,000 people showing up in Vienna […]

Europe 2017

In 2017 180 Cars took over Europe starting in London and finishing in Ibiza! The 2017 European Modball Rally made history by being the largest rally in the world and one that created lifelong memories for everyone involved. The full route LONDON – LUXEMBOURG – GENEVA – MONACO FOR 2 NIGHTS – BARCELONA – VALENCIA […]

Europe 2016

The largest Modball Rally to date began in front of over 20,000 people on Pall Mall in London! Modball closed down Waterloo and Pall Mall to kick off the rally with 180 cars taking part. The full route LONDON – PARIS – LYON – MONACO FOR 2 NIGHTS – BARCELONA – VALENCIA. RACE TRACK RICARDO […]

Europe 2014

Europe 2014 brought together Modballers from over 21 different countries for our biggest rally to date from London to Ibiza. Using three boats, three cities of road closures and car displays, one race track and seven venues for parties, this Modball Rally was by far our largest event to date and a milestone for the […]

Europe 2013

Modball Rally Europe 2013 began in the centre of London by closing down St James Square for the start of the rally. 180 cars lined up for the start of the 2013 road trip through Europe with most making it to the finish line in Prague. This Modball Rally partied in Amsterdam, had a paint […]

Europe 2012

Modball Rally Europe 2012 started in the centre of London by closing down Piccadilly Circus for the start of the rally. A full line of of cars set off in front of over 25,000 people at 1pm to embark on their European adventure. After stopping and partying in Paris, Lyon, Saint Tropez and Barcelona all […]