Modballers, our official race track is the unbelievable Formula 1 Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya!… and we have the full Grand Prix Circuit!

We have the full F1 race track to enjoy for the evening from 6pm – 9pm. We will begin with our annual parade lap where we take photos of all the Modball cars and video from above! After the parade lap you will become someone who has experienced Spain’s most famous race track!

4pm – Modballers arrive and register at the track. Modball has 10 private garages for our time at the track, look for the Modball Team when you arrive to be directed.
5.15pm – Race track briefing.
6pm – All Modballers on the track for our parade lap and photos!
6.20pm – 9pm – Modballers on the track! We have an open pit lane meaning you can go out on the track any time you wish. There is a limit to the amount of cars on the circuit at any one time. To enter the track head along the pit lane and wait for a marshal to signal you to go out on the circuit. Ensure you look before entering the track.
9pm – Modballers leave.

– Helmets – everyone going on the track must bring a helmet. If you don’t own one you can get one from Amazon CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE. Modball will have 10 helmets for people to share but it’s best to bring your own.
– Driving license and passport.

Get ready Modballers! This will be an experience like no other. Check out the video below of a Formula 1 car taking on this world class circuit!