MODBALL UK EVENT 2 THIS WEEK! EDINBURGH TO CARDIFF! If you would like to come and see the Modballers and meet Tom TGE here is where you can see the cars! Edinburgh!Friday July 12th:Sheraton Grand Hotel – the cars will be arriving at 5pm to register at the hotel.Saturday July 13th:Modballers will be leaving the […]


Edinburgh to Cardiff is our smaller of the three events meaning the format is structured differently. This is a more personable event where we will be all eating, driving and benefitting from being able to spend time with each other over the weekend. With a smaller event we organise dinners and lunches during the weekend, […]


That’s right Modballers! We’re making another Modball Book! Make sure you’re looking your best in front of our photographer Fly because you may appear in the Modball Book! Fly, our resident photographer, the guy who is responsible for 99% of the photos you see by Modball… he’s back as always and ready to shoot! The […]


The New MODBALL APP from JEMTX is here! Modballers you can now download the app here: To get the full use of the APP you must download it first. Once downloaded you will get full access at registration in London. When you check in we will activate your account giving you the option to share […]

The New MODBALL APP! Track the Modballers!

The New MODBALL APP from JEMTX is here! Download the app here:APPLE – – This amazing new app has a secret power during the event… it allows users to track the Modballers who have downloaded the APP and sharing their location for the event! Modballers get some additional features including the capability to […]

OnTime Vehicle Shipping

Modball has worked with OnTime Automotive for several years and they are our trusted partner in vehicle shipping. Ontime are specialists in vehicle transport services. This mean whatever your personal requirements are, as Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator they offer an unrivalled worldwide car transport and vehicle delivery service by road, sea or air. If […]

USA 2016

The 2016 USA rally took on the West Coast of America in an incredible weekend of cars, Modballers, parties, skydiving and this year we had Sam from Seen Through Glass join us and video his trip over the weekend. Check out the videos from Sam giving us a great reminder of this special weekend: