The New MODBALL APP from JEMTX is here!

Modballers you can now download the app here:

To get the full use of the APP you must download it first. Once downloaded you will get full access at registration in London. When you check in we will activate your account giving you the option to share your location with fellow Modballers and spectators around the world!

Modballers get some additional features including the capability to receive notifications from Modball live during the events! This means we can communicate with you at all times, extremely helpful for Modball!

Make sure to add your Instagram handle as spectators will see it and they can follow your photos!

The tracking element only works during the event and is switched on and off by Modball, don’t worry people won’t follow you home even if you want them to!

Download the APP using the above links and see below for the Modballer user guide: